Young Family Edition
Families With Children Under Eight
(Most have at least one other older child)

  The "baby boom" has had its impact. Today's mothers are a little older, and quite a bit more affluent (most have worked outside the home). They insist on the very best for their infants, toddlers, pre-school and early elementary school children, from food to diapers and lotions to toys and clothing.

  And because today's moms are so busy, they're turning increasingly to their shopping malls to bring them more and more of their family needs including coupons, samples, offers, and opportunities they can cash in on. Moms shop at their local malls more than 3x per month. More than 9 out of 10 of them redeem "cents-off" coupons regularly. And almost as many are eager participants in manufacturers' rebate and premium mail-in programs!

  This Targeted Co-op Take-One reaches 65% of the mothers of young children you want to reach. This edition consists of households with at least one child under eight years of age. (The majority of these households have a second or a third older child.)

Market Penetration:
Covers 65% of all households with children under 8 years.

Family Size:
Most have second or third child.
(average household size: 4.2; average of 2.1 children)

Age Range of Parents:
Adults 18-34 primarily

Working Mothers:
64% working full/part time

Household Income:
Average household income is $54,865

Coupon Redemption:
92% redeem coupons
(83% redeem five or more per week)

58% graduated from or attend college

Most are recent responders to a direct-marketing offer and by “taking-one” - are demonstrating a strong interest in receiving, reviewing, reading, and responding to the valuable offers inside the envelope.


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