Turn-Key Services


How We Differ

We're far more than just marketing experts. We work closely with our clients, their creative/art departments, and their agencies to help develop the best offers, formats, sizes, copy and response mechanisms to maximize response for each of our programs.
The result: our approach has led to the development of inserts for our clients which substantially "beat the control."

Creative Assistance

Our staff of graphic artists, promotion writers, and marketing experts assist clients in developing dynamic new approaches in terms of offer, presentation, color, headline, response mechanism, etc. It is not unusual for our clients to see an improvement in response of 100% or more (over time) as a result of these changes. We understand what works in our environment. And we're happy to share this knowledge with our clients -for free!

The Science of Testing & Analyses

We're happy to help our clients set up tests for their ideas. And we also help them read the results. This helps our clients determine if various factors such as geographic distribution, timing, demographics, design, offer/product pricing, etc. have a substantial effect on their response patterns. It may well be that certain offers or presentations work well in one area but not on another, or that one age group reacts very differently to different approaches.

Insets are coded to facilitate tracking distribution and response patterns, and test markets (states, zips) are monitored to gauge the effect of various approaches in each geo area. Extensive back-end analysis helps our clients "fine tune" their campaigns to take full advantage of these variables in the marketplace.

Planning: They Key To Success

We assist clients in determining the optimum quantity, placement, and timing to achieve anticipated maximum response. Test quantities are "rolled out" rapidly to take advantage of market trends and shifts in consumer buying behavior. We also assist our clients in coordinating their insert distribution with other promotional or advertising campaigns to maximize marketing integration.

Printing: Our Size Means Savings

Because of the huge volume of inserts we print for our clients annually (more than 2 billion) and our volume discounts on paper, we are able to offer complete printing services to advertisers (for both our own programs and outside distribution) at prices substantially below standard market rates. A smaller press run can often be "ganged" with a multi-million print order for even greater efficiency.

Our extensive testing of various paper sizes, formats, layouts, etc. and our access to printers with a wide range of capacities allows us to suggest additional money-saving options for virtually every client.


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