50+ Edition
   We’ve “captured” this hard to reach demographic audience where they shop in their trusted mall. Our “take-one-home” display clearly lets them know the approximately 25 offers inside our attractively designed 6 x 9 envelopes are with coupons, samples, and retail offers relevant to their lifestyle and needs. Only those interested — “take-one- home!” We’ve virtually eliminated the high waste and low response associated with unsolicited distribution and direct mail. If this is your demographic target you can own the demo without wasting a dime on demos that don’t. Unparalleled Reach Response and Results.
   These “more green than gray” ready-to-buy consumers are definitely in the prime of their lives with more disposal income than any other demographic audience. They are physically fit, financially secure 50+ and are ready and able to reward themselves — and their families (especially the grandchildren). More than 72% have grandchildren — lots of grandchildren.
   For everything from light, low-fat, low salt foods to clothing, cars, financial services, retirement homes, travel -- you name it -- this is a lucrative market -- and the fastest growing demographic grouping in America. In fact, it is projected by the year 2020, more than 1 /2 the population will be 50+!
 They already dominate product category after category (decaffeinated coffee, women’s hair coloring, denture cleansers, etc.), and they’re open to all kinds of products and brands that meet their special needs for comfort, security, and personal pleasure.

Market Penetration:
Covers approximately 50% of all households
with adults 50+

Family Size:
Average household size is 2.2

Age Range:
Adults 45-64 primarily (at least one person
in the household is between 50 and 64)

Household Income:
Average household income is $41,684

Working Wives:
51% work part/full time

Coupon Redemption:
87% redeem coupons regularly
(72% redeem five or more per week)

48% graduated from or attended college

The overwhelming majority spend liberally on gifts for their grandchildren. 72% have one or more grandchild (over 3.6 grandchildren).

Most are recent responders to a direct-marketing offer


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